To find the best insurance policy for your scooter or moped, you need to:

  1. Decide what level of cover you need

  2. Choose any policy extras you want

  3. Get quotes online and find the best policy

What level of cover do you need?

The three types of cover you can choose from are:

  • Third party only: This covers injury to other people, and damage to their property you cause while using your scooter

  • Third party, fire and theft: This also covers your scooter if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, or if it is stolen

  • Fully comprehensive: This also includes damage to your scooter and vandalism

Once you have decided what type of insurance is right for you, get quotes to find a policy at the cheapest price.

What policy extras do you want?

Adding extras to your insurance usually costs more money, but can give you valuable cover. You can choose from:

  • Foreign use cover: Most insurers automatically cover riding your scooter in Europe, but the period of cover varies between policies. Some offer a minimum of 30 days, and other policies give you 90 or 180 days, but you may need to pay extra.

  • Helmets and clothing: You can add cover for your clothing and accessories for an additional cost. Make sure you choose a policy that offers a claim limit high enough to cover the cost of your clothing and helmet.

  • Breakdown cover: Most insurers offer breakdown cover as an extra you can add to your policy, but some may include it as standard.