You could get accepted for a life insurance policy, but it depends on:

  • What type of cancer you had

  • How long you had cancer for

  • The severity of the cancer you had

How to get the best life insurance for cancer survivors?

Before you get life insurance after cancer quotes, think about the type of life insurance you want:

  • Level term: Choose a payout and how long you want cover for, then pay a fixed monthly premium until the policy ends.

  • Decreasing term: Choose a payout and how long you want cover for, then pay a monthly premium which reduces each month until the end of the policy.

  • Whole of life: Choose a payout, then pay fixed monthly premiums. You have the highest chance of getting a payout with this type of policy as it covers you for life.

What happens if you cannot get life insurance after cancer cover?

You may still be able to get some form of life insurance:

Life insurance with your cancer excluded

If you cannot get cover through our broker form, call them for guidance.

They could find an insurer that can offer a life insurance after cancer policy that excludes the cancer you had.

Over 50s life insurance

If you are at least 50 years old, you could apply for over 50s life insurance which guarantees acceptance, regardless of your medical history.

However, the payout you get is usually lower compared to a standard life insurance policy.