Compare quotes to find the right insurance policy for your buy to let property, but start by deciding what cover you need.

Get the right cover

You can use this comparison to find a policy that covers what you need, including:

  • Buildings cover: This is the rebuild cost of your property, not the market value or what you paid for it. Use this rebuild calculator to work this out.

  • Contents cover: Work out the replacement cost of your contents in the property. This includes furniture you may have supplied, but some providers may not include your tenants’ contents.

  • Accidental damage: This covers the cost of damage to your property or its contents caused accidentally by your tenants. Some insurers may charge you extra to add this.

  • Landlord liability: This covers you if your tenants are injured or ill because you have not taken proper care of your property. You can choose a limit of up to £5 million.

  • Rent guarantee: This covers your rental income if your tenants fail to pay. Some landlord policies automatically include this, but you may need separate cover.

Here is how to choose the right landlord insurance policy.

Compare quotes

Once you have decided what cover you need, compare as many quotes as possible to make sure you get the best cover and price.

Check the minimum excess you have to pay towards claims, and speak to your insurer about discounts for choosing a higher excess. Keep in mind that some insurance providers often don't offer selectable excesses.

Here is more information about how to save on your landlord insurance.