To get the best vehicle replacement insurance (VRI) policy you need to:

  • Work out what cover limits you need

  • Think about how long you want cover for

  • Compare as many quotes as possible

Here is more information on how GAP insurance works, and what different types of policy you can choose from.

What cover do you need?

To work out what cover you need, think out:

  • What cover limit you want: Work out how much you might need to claim to replace your car if it is written off. Some insurers cover up to £100,000.

  • How long you want cover for: Most vehicle replacement insurers offer policies for up to four or five years, but the longer the policy the more you will pay.

When you know what you need from your vehicle replacement GAP insurance, get quotes to find the right policy for you.

How does vehicle replacement insurance work?

It covers the difference between the payout you get from your car insurer if your vehicle is written off, and the amount your car would cost to buy new today. It can pay out more than return to invoice GAP insurance because it allows for the rising cost of cars.

This means you should get enough money from your car and vehicle replacement insurance payouts to buy a brand new model of your car.