Gadget insurance covers your belongings including mobile phones, laptops, cameras, tablets and eReaders.

Most of us carry around a mobile phone at all times these days. But most of us still don’t have gadget cover.

Some mobile phone owners believe that they’re covered through other forms of insurance. Sometimes, contents insurance or insurance with a bank account gives some protection but it’s not always the case.

You might be covered for some gadget problems through your existing insurances. But it won’t give you full cover. Most of the time, you won’t be covered for accidental damage, for example. So it’s a good idea to double check your existing policies and see what you get. Then you can think about whether gadget insurance would be worth having.

Most of us have had some kind of accidents with our phones in the past. Perhaps you’ve cracked your screen or dropped your phone in the bath. If you have, you’ll know that phones aren’t cheap to repair or replace. That’s where gadget cover can come in handy.

Do I need gadget cover?

A good way to decide is to ask yourself: “Could I afford to replace my gadget if something happened to it?” If you couldn’t, you should think about taking out gadget cover.

But, before you do, don’t forget to check your existing policies. Your contents or travel insurance might give you some cover. Or your bank account might offer some cover.

It’s important to check whether the cover offered by your existing policies is enough for your needs. You should also look at what kind of excess you’d have to pay because sometimes it can be much higher than it would with gadget cover insurance.

What am I insured for if I cover my gadget?

Most gadget insurance, UK wide, gives you protection against:

  • theft – gadgets can be appealing to thieves

  • loss – if you lose your phone outside of your home

  • accidental damage – such as if you drop your phone and crack the screen

  • mechanical breakdown (this comes with the very best gadget insurance policies) – this is if your warranty runs out and your gadget dies

  • water damage – if you drop your phone in water.

Wear and tear isn’t usually covered.

What items can electronic gadgets insurance cover me for?

If you’ve got something that you use a lot, rely on, or spent a lot of money on, you can protect your gadget with gadget insurance.

Personal gadget insurance can cover almost all gadgets. Here are some examples:

  • Smartphone

  • Laptop

  • Camera

  • Tablet

  • eReader

  • Games console

  • Smart watch.

Some insurers will only give you home gadget insurance if your gadgets are less than six months old, so check the policy carefully. The best gadget insurance provider for you might need to offer more flexibility, so shop around if you need to.

When can I make a claim on my small gadget insurance?

It depends on your specific small gadget insurance policy. They all have different rules.

Sometimes gadget cover doesn’t let you make a claim until a certain time period has passed since you took the policy out. Check the details of each gadget insurance policy when you do a gadget insurance comparison.

How quickly will my insurance provider be able to help me?

Every insurer is different. Some of the best gadget insurance companies might send you a replacement gadget within 24 hours. This fast service can be great for businesses which depend on certain gadgets such as phones or laptops.

If you think it’d be very important to you to get a quick gadget replacement, you can look out for this feature when you compare gadget cover.

Can you get multi gadget insurance?

Yes. If you’ve got lots of gadgets in your house, you can get an umbrella policy to insure them all at once.

Multi gadget insurance can be a good gadget insurance option if you’ve got a family of tech lovers.

It can be cheaper because most insurers offer a discount when you add more than one gadget to your policy. For example, if you have two gadgets you could get a 10 per cent discount.

You can add the following devices to one gadget insurance policy:

  • Mobile phones

  • iPads, tablets and eReaders

  • Laptops

  • MP3 players

  • Smart watches

  • Cameras

Find out more about multi device insurance.

How can to save money on gadget insurance?

As with any insurance, it’s more important to get the right level of cover than it is to find cheap gadget cover. But, of course, you want to find the best value gadget insurance that meets your needs.

By shopping around for the right policy, you’ll be able to save money. The gadget cover comparison above includes a range of gadget insurance policies, and you can use it to find the best cover for you at the cheapest price.

If you find cheap gadget cover then make sure you do your research before you go ahead. Read the policy carefully and check the gadget cover reviews to make sure you’re happy with level of cover you’re being offered. Gadget insurance reviews are a good way to see what experiences others have had with specific insurers.

Shop around to find the best gadget insurance

Use this comparison to find the best gadget insurance cover at the best price. Get as many quotes as possible and compare gadget insurance quotes.

When you compare gadget insurance, it’s a good idea to think about the following to help you make your decision.

  • Cover options: Think about what you need to protect your gadgets against. Then find a policy that offers this sort of cover. You might have to pay extra to add things like loss or theft, so make sure you have the cover you need.

  • Monthly cost: This is how much you pay for your insurance each month. It varies depending on how many gadgets you insure, what cover you have, and the excess you choose. Look for the lowest cost option after you’ve decided what cover you need.

  • Maximum cover: This is the most an insurer will pay for any single item on your policy. So check how much your gadgets cost and find a policy that’ll pay enough money for you to replace them if you need to claim.

  • Excess: This is how much you pay towards each claim you make. You can usually choose how much you’re willing to pay. You’ll find the monthly cost’s higher if you have a low excess. Think about what you’re prepared to pay towards claims and look for a policy that offers this.

Here’s how to decide what cover’s right for you.

Are there any exclusions I should be aware of?

All gadget insurance, UK wide, will have different exclusions. So you’ll need to read your policy carefully.

Here are a few examples of the types of exclusion you might see:

  • Loss – you might not be covered if you left your gadget on display in your car

  • Theft – you might not be covered if your gadget’s stolen from your home when it wasn’t locked away

  • Manufacturer – you might not be covered for fault’s if your device is still under warranty

  • Proof of purchase – to make a claim, you’ll need a receipt or other proof of purchase.

How do I compare gadget insurance?

To compare gadget insurance is surprisingly simple.

First, decide which devices you want to insure. Then decide on which type of cover you want. Finally, compare gadget insurance quotes to find the best value gadget insurance for your needs.