To get the cheapest policy that offers the right cover for you, get as many different quotes as you can.

Look for insurers who can cover the cost of your excess if you need to claim on your car insurance or hire vehicle policy.

How does excess insurance work?

It reimburses the excesses you have to pay on other insurance policies when you claim.

It is often used to run alongside car hire agreements, to cover the high excesses charged by car rental companies.

You still need to pay your insurance company the excess when you make a claim, but you can then recover the cost from your excess policy.

Find the right cover

Get the cover you need by using this comparison to check:

  • Cost: If the cost of cover is more expensive than the cost of paying your excess yourself, you may not need it.

  • Claims limits: You need to pick your limit before you take out cover, so choose enough to cover your compulsory and voluntary excesses.

  • Worldwide cover options: If you drive your car abroad, or if you are looking to cover your travel insurance excess, look for a policy that covers you outside of the UK.

  • Types of policy: You have the option of a single policy, which covers one insurance excess, or a lifestyle policy, which covers several. You can get daily cover, for short term car hire; or an annual policy, which can cover several rentals.