To find the best European breakdown cover policy you need to think about:

  • Whether you want a standalone policy or to add it to existing cover

  • What type of policy you need

  • What the policy will cover

Once you know what cover you need for your European trip, get as many quotes as possible to find the right policy at the best price.

Should you get a standalone policy?

You can get European breakdown insurance by:

However you get European breakdown cover, you need to make sure it gives you the cover you need.

What type of policy do you need?

There are two types of European breakdown cover you can choose from:

  • Single trip policy: This covers one short trip or holiday abroad, usually for between 1 and 31 days

  • Annual or multi trip policy: This covers you whenever you drive in Europe during the course of a year

If you are only going away once, a single trip policy will be the cheapest option. If you are likely to drive in Europe more often, think about getting an annual policy.

What is covered?

European breakdown protection offers the same cover as a standard UK policy, including roadside assistance and vehicle recovery. Here is what a breakdown policy covers.

You will be able to call a 24 hour UK helpline in the event of a breakdown, and they will send out a local patrol car to your location to help you.

You can also get extra protection with a European breakdown policy, including:

  • Cover before departure

  • Vehicle and passenger repatriation

  • Customs duty indemnity

Work out what you need your policy to cover and only compare policies that give you the protection you want. Find out more about what a European breakdown policy covers here.